Overview of all prices and services

Price list

  • Providing an ISBN code: from 99.00 Euros
  • Adding your book to our publishing programm. Presentation on our website: from 99.00 Euros
  • Preparing the bibliographical specs for your book. Registration at the available-books-directory: from 99.00 Euros
  • Getting your book into amazon.de, including book title, description and table of contents: from 66.00 Euros
  • Preparing a printable PDF file from your MS-Word document: from 66.00 Euros
  • Compositing and layouting your book cover: from 133.00 Euros
  • Printing a single book for approval: from 33.00 Euros
  • Photo licences for use as a cover image or inside the book: from 33.00 Euros (per image)
  • Creating a composition and layout based on your textfile: from 1.33 Euros (per book page)
  • Publishing your book as an e-book in several file formats fitting all relevant e-book stores (Apple iBookstore, libri.de, libreka, buecher.de etc.): from 66.00 Euros
  • Converting the PDF-file of your book into an e-book file-format: from 0.33 Euros (per page, depending on amount of text and pictures)

Ordering process:

  • Checking orders from book stores etc. and forwarding them to you: from 1.33 Euros (per order)
  • Alternatively: In-house processing of orders from book stores etc., incl. invoicing, postage and packing: from 3.66 Euros (per order)
  • Note: Additional feets may be charged by the particular book store. Generally, bookstores receive a sales discount of 25 to 33 percent.
  • Sales fee for the effective sales revenue for an e-book paid by the Online-shop originally (important: not from retail price): 25 percent
  • Warehouse charges for your book: price on application.

All prices are net rate plus VAT



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