Cover: In the Night I Go Sailing

Paperback: 100 pages
Edition: 2nd edition 2011-11
ISBN: 978-3-936083-30-9


In the Night I Go Sailing

by Anna-Lynne Williams

Anna-Lynne Williams lives in Seattle, WA, where she sings in the bands Trespassers William, Ormonde, and Lotte Kestner, as well as collaborating with bands such as The Chemical Brothers, Delerium, Ghosts I've Met, and Leaves. She also writes as a music journalist and essayist.

In the Night I Go Sailing is her second collection of poetry.

"In the Night I Go Sailing is a collection of poems and notes written over the span of eight years in two different cities. I sorted through all of the things I'd written since the publication of my last book, Split Infinitive, and arranged them chronologically, so that there is a slight sense of story through the poems. The third section of the book was written several years after the first two, while i was healing from a severe case of tendinitis that kept me away from the guitar for five months, which was a painful time but reignited my interest in poetry. Nautical imagery kept reappearing in my writing, so I asked Sarah Musi to draw an Ophelia for my cover, sleeping/drowning in the darkness. Once I saw the final image, I wrote several more poems that were in many ways inspired by the cover itself."

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