ISB Press as a service provider

Unter anderem hier werden wertvolle Verlagsdienstleistungen erbrachtProviding print services is our core business. That‘s what makes us different from those companies normally called "publishing house": We‘re not searching for titels or authors, we do not want to be presented with ideas for stories or receive manuscripts - we rather just fulfill the dream of your own book - matching your budget.

Generally, you as an author provide us with a complete book text. According to your ideas of your book, we're giving you a quote.

These are the steps from your first manuscript to your complete book:

  • Need help with composition and layout? We're creating a printable file that the print shop can easily deal with.
  • Need assistance in printing your book? We're looking for the print shop that fits your needs or carry out the complete printing process for you.
  • Want to be added to our publishing programm?
    We're adding an ISBN code to your book to make it available everywhere.
  • Are you dispatching your book orders or do you want us to be your distributor?
    We're sending your book to book stores as well as to individual buyers soon as an order arrives.
  • Want your book to be published on CD, as an e-book or audio-book?
    We're turning your book into a digital version or produce an audio narration.

Price list

  • Providing an ISBN code: from 99.00 Euros
  • Adding your book to our publishing programm. Presentation on our website: from 99.00 Euros
  • Preparing the bibliographical specs for your book. Registration at the available-books-directory: from 99.00 Euros
  • Getting your book into, including book title, description and table of contents: from 66.00 Euros
  • Preparing a printable PDF file from your MS-Word document: from 66.00 Euros
  • Compositing and layouting your book cover: from 133.00 Euros
  • Printing a single book for approval: from 33.00 Euros
  • Photo licences for use as a cover image or inside the book: from 33.00 Euros (per image)
  • Creating a composition and layout based on your textfile: from 1.33 Euros (per book page)
  • Publishing your book as an e-book in several file formats fitting all relevant e-book stores (Apple iBookstore,, libreka, etc.): from 66.00 Euros
  • Converting the PDF-file of your book into an e-book file-format: from 0.33 Euros (per page, depending on amount of text and pictures)

Ordering process:

  • Checking orders from book stores etc. and forwarding them to you: from 1.33 Euros (per order)
  • Alternatively: In-house processing of orders from book stores etc., incl. invoicing, postage and packing: from 3.66 Euros (per order)
  • Note: Additional feets may be charged by the particular book store. Generally, bookstores receive a sales discount of 25 to 33 percent.
  • Sales fee for the effective sales revenue for an e-book paid by the Online-shop originally (important: not from retail price): 25 percent
  • Warehouse charges for your book: price on application.

All prices are net rate plus VAT



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